7 Day Nature photo challenge

On Facebook I accepted a 7 day nature photo challenge from another photographer.  So I figured I would share it here what I was posting.  So in the next 7 days I will post a same picture here also for those of you who don’t follow Facebook.

So here is day 1 picture:

Took this picture of a Bald Eagle in Washington State.


Been a while

Hello everyone. Well it’s been a while from our last post. Has been a busy summer, and fall.

So wanted to post this shot I got of a baby Cedar Waxwing that was in our yard. When I first saw the chick I thought it was a baby Robin because I knew of a Robin nest nearby so I grabbed my camera and my chair and thought I would get some shots of the parents bringing back some food for it. I took a few pictures of the baby by it self calling for food.


After zooming into the picture I realized it was a baby Waxwing, and that was one bird I was really wanted to get pictures of this year.

Soon after the parents arrived to feed the baby moved to an area where I couldn’t get a good shot of it feeding. Instead I got a great shot of the parents perched nearby.



Great bird, though they are a very jumpy bird to really get a shot of.