Website New Look

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on a new look for the webpage and I came up with is one.
Some features to look at are:
New up and down slider that will have all the links around the website: Home, About Me, Galleries, Blog, and Contact page.
While you’re on the Home page, you will see some pictures scrolling that we took in the past.
About me page is unchanged- still the old about me page.
Galleries have all the same photos but we have now added a client password protected login area.
Blog area is no longer the first thing you will see. You have to click on it on the menu to get to it. (This is what I really wanted to change!!)
Contact us is a new layout. Anyone who is looking to contact me for service or questions can post it there and it will e-mail it directly to me to respond to.
I’m looking at a few new things in the future and as soon as I get it live,  I’ll post any changes in a future post. If anyone see any problems, or would like to see something added please let me know.

Enjoy everyone!!

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