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2014 Has arrived

Well 2013 is gone and 2014 has arrived. With the new arrival, it is time for some change. After some long thought and soul searching, I have elected to call air show coverage quits.
There are many reasons why I want to get out of covering air shows,  but the biggest one is that I want to follow my true photography passion and that is wildlife, nature, and landscape photography.
We are going through some major changes in our lives here in FJ&M Photography, and due to that we really don’t see covering air shows as an option at this time.
There is a chance that a few publications will ask me to cover a few shows, and if we decide to do it,  we will let you all know.
Stay tuned for future announcements as things progress.
Thank you and Happy New Year from the FJ&M Photography family!!

Marriage Proposal at the Chicago Air and Water Show

My good friend, Dan Cook from the Army Golden Knights, who is currently jumping for the All Veteran Jump team proposed to his lovely girlfriend Leah Angott after one of his last jumps. Dan got accepted into the US Navy flight school and will be leaving toward the end of the year. Dan and I had the photography session planned for about three months before the show.

Oh and she said YES!!

Here are a few shots of the proposal:


The Proposal


The heart in the sky that Rob Holland drew during the proposal.


The Kiss


Happy Couple


Team Photo with the couple

Also have a video of the proposal below.

My YouTube Channel

A few local news agencies covered this including: ABC Chicago, Good Morning America, and some local newpapers. Dan’s local paper also ran a news story about it.

Loveland News

It was a blast to cover this and help my friend on this special day for him and Leah!! I wish nothing but the best for both of you!!

A-4 Skyhawk

This aircraft was used by the US Navy as a bomber and attack platform. It was used a lot in the Vietnam War. This aircraft has been retired from the military but is being flown by a private owner. This picture was taken at the 2013 Milwaukee air and water show.