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I am a Sport, Wildlife, and landscape photographer.

Family Dispute

While photographing some birds around the house, I had two House Sparrows land in front of me fighting, so I started taking pictures. They where moving in circles during the fight so fast I thought had nothing good until  I reviewed the pictures, and I found I got the shot below, finding out the female had bitten the male in the face and would not let him go. As soon as she let him go he flew away with her still yelling at him.


Boeing 747 Dreamlifter

While at O’Hare airport photographing aircraft landing I always like to look up to see if there is anything interesting flying by at high altitude, and I saw a large contrail and took this shot:



I didn’t get the shot while it was overhead due to I was taking a picture of a United Airlines 787 landing at O’Hare.

To get a better idea the size of this aircraft here is a shot of a Dreamlifter at the Rockford Airshow 2012: