Eagles at Mississippi River Lock and Dam 14

Hello everyone! We had a chance to drive out the Mississippi River at Lock and Dam 14 to take some pictures of Eagles along the dam. The Dam in located just South of Le Claire, IA. It’s a very popular photographer spot and will get crowed with arm to arm photographers:


There is normally one person who would be there throwing fish into the water. This attracts the eagles to come down and grab the fish out of the water:

IMG_0676 IMG_1065

It’s a fun place to go to watch eagles and other birds in the area. It’s not just for photographers and birders, but also for the kids-they enjoy watching them also. I had a little girl next to me miss seeing one eagle come down to catch a fish and I was able to show her a picture of what the Eagle did on the screen on back of my camera.
If you plan on going  out and watch the Eagles, make sure to dress warm. It can get very cold out there, and there can be times when nothing is going on and then the next moment you will have 6 or 7 eagles flying all around at once.

If you are a photographer plan on best light after 1PM. Bring your longest and fastest lens 400 or better. For those of you who bring out your ipads to try to get a shot, don’t!! Instead,¬† just sit back and enjoy the eagles. Your ipad for photography will not get you the best shots.

IMG_1128 IMG_1087 IMG_0949 IMG_0702

I used a Canon 7d, with a Canon 100-400 L Lens. Most shots were at 1250 shutter speed at ISO 200-400.

Until next time keep looking up!!


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